Viola is one of Jake and Lady Rainicorn's pups. She first appeared in, "Jake the Dad" and then she had another non-speaking appearance in, "Apple Wedding." Then in, "Ocarina" she had her first speaking appearance when the pups are waiting for jake to arrive for their birthday and she has her first major appearance in, "Summer Showers" when she plays Miranda Hobson in the play, "Summer Showers."


In, "Jake the Dad" she and the other pups save Jake from the foxes and she also thinks he is the best father in the world and he is a wonderful cook.
AT-SS.81 (1)

LSP rehearsing Miranda Hobson's lines

In, "Summer Showers" she is very annoyed at Lumpy Space Princess when she was practicing Miranda Hobson's lines when she replaces Tree Trunks. She gets so angry that she teleports her all the way to the Ice Kingdom.


Viola has the ability to teleport herself or others from one place to another, as well as change colors using her horn, like her mother and She also has the ability to fly, using her tail as a propeller.