Tree Trunks is a sweet elephant who loves to make apple pies from the apples from her apple trees. She lives in the Candy Kingdom in a small house with her husband Mr. Pig and Sweet P. Before she adopted Sweet P she lived in a small cottage but after, "Be Sweet" she extended it. Tree Trunks was in Summer Showers but dropped out because Mr. Pig was upset about the kissing scene. She also took part in the slumber party that Princess Bubblegum set up so that all the candy people would be safe from the candy zombies in, "Slumber Party Panic."


Tree Trunks is very sweet and polite. She speaks in a Texan ascent. In, "Tree Trunks" she gave the flesh monster stickers and tried to defeat the brain beast by putting on makeup and dancing about but when it comes to apple pies she is a bit of a perfectionist because in, "Tree Trunks" she through a pie away just because a fly landed on it and in, "Blade of Grass" she could tell if the apple was cut to perfectly.


She is a yellow-green pygmy elephant with wrinkly skin. She also has a small pink bow tied onto her tail. After marrying Mr. Pig she wears a small gold wedding ring.

Voice ActorEdit

Tree Trunks is voiced by Polly Lou Livingstone.
She was raised in a small Jewish community in Victoria, Texas.


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