Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. She was created from the mother gum along with her brother Neddy as seen in "Bonnie and Neddy." It is unknown how her and Neddy evolved into their current selves. In "Elemental" she discovers that she has jelly bean powers when Patience St. Pim kidnaps her along with Slime Princess and Flame Princess but in "Jelly Beans Have Power" she learns how use her powers probably but she was not fit to defeat Patience's Ship until she taught herself to do another power which destroyed the ship. It is unknown why Patience attacked the Candy Kingdom. After Finn, Jake Susan and BMO left Ooo Patience St. Pim tried to upgrade the princesses powers but Princess Bubblegum turned into a massive tower of gum, Slime Princess turned huge and Flame Princess turned into a fire dragon. Luckily Finn and Lumpy Space Princess saved everyone.


Princess Bubblegum is possibly the smartest person in Ooo. She began to discover the world shortly after she emerged from the mother gum and became so smart that hundreds of years later she built the Candy Kingdom and created all the loveable candy people.
She is also very sweet because she always cares about her citizens and friends.


Throughout the show she has been seen wearing many different outfits. But she has mostly been seen wearing a magenta dress with purple details and hair the lenth of her back. Sometimes she wears the same outfit twice such as in "Bonnie and Neddy" and "The Invitation" when she wears the same outfit in both episodes and "Video Makers," "Lemonhope Part I" and "Elemental" when she wears the same outfit in all three episodes.

Voice ActorEdit

Princess Bubblegum is voiced by Hynden Walch except from when she turns young and in the Animated Short.
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She was born on February 1, 1971 in Davenport, Iowa. She is also very well known for voicing Starfire in "Teen Titains Go."


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