Patience St. Pim seems to have lived thousands of years ago before the Great Mushroom War. She was the current reincarnation of the ice elemental, and she along with the other current elementals had visions of the coming of the Lich, and that the world was going to go through an epic cataclysm they knew they probably wouldn't survive. Patience wanted to live through the cataclysm, so she sailed into the ocean and covered herself in an ice sphere where she would stay dormant for many years until she would later be discovered by Ice King, Finn, and Jake. In "Jelly Beans Have Power" she attacked the Candy Kingdom possibly to test Princess Bubblegum's powers.


She has dark navy hair in a double bun and wears light blue lipstick. She has the same colour of skin as Ice King and usually wears a brown coat, white trousers and dark blue boots

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Patience is voiced by Lauren Lapkus who is an American actress and comedian.
She was born in Chicago, Illinois.


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